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Equipment: tubular Bowl Centrifuge GQ150
Equipment Type: Separation Equipment -> Centrifuge
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Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2018-05-14
Main Features:
Description: Tubular bowl centrifuge has high performance of separate factor, high capacity, and account for small area and easy to handle, it has been widely used in pharmaceutical, health food, drinks, chemical industries to separate the liquid-solid or liquid-liquid-solid materials. It is an ideal centrifuge take advantage of centrifugal methods, the minimum granules is 1 um, which is suitable for distill, condense and clarify the material has small gravity difference, small and few solid granules and high erosion products. working principle: Machine body, drive system, drum, and liquid tray, enter liquid bearing seat composed of pipe centrifuge. On the top of drum is the flinch axis, under is the damp drift bearing. Main axis linked by buffer and passive wheel, via conveyor belt, fasten wheel, the dynamic is transmit to drum and it will rotate axes to run at rapid speed. The stuff is ripped into via liquid inlet, under the centrifuge force, the stuff along the wall of drum flow upward. As different material has different density, the stuff will separate layer in the centrifuge. Parameter of GF/GQ 105 Inner diameter of bowl: 105 mm Solid holding capacity: 5.5 litres Speed: 16000 RPM Centrifugal force: 15025 x G Thoughput: 1200 litres per hour Motor: 2.2 KW Size: 800x700x1400 mm Weight: 400 kg
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