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Equipment: Cream Separator
Equipment Type: Separation Equipment -> Centrifuge
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Post Time: 2018-02-28
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Description: Tubular centrifuge is super speed centrifuge which can realise liquid-liquid-slight solid separation or liquid-slight solid clarification. It has been used in food, chemical, biological, medicine intermediate production industry. There are 2 main types of tubular separators: 1. Type GF is used for separating various emulsion, especially for liquid-liquid separation with slight gravity difference and liquid-liquid-solid separation with a little foreign matter. 2. Type GQ is used for separation of various suspension which is difficult to be separated especially for separation of solid-liquid suspension which has low concentration, high viscosity, small granularity and very small difference of solid-liquid gravity. Parameter of GF/GQ 75 Inner diameter of bowl: 75 mm Solid holding capacity: 2 litres Speed: 20000 RPM Centrifugal force: 16770 x G Thoughput: 500 litres per hour Motor: 1.5 KW Size: 800x400x1200 mm Weight: 300 kg
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